The Good Girls Guide to Good Skin

The Good Girls Guide to Good Skin

I think good skin can make or break a look. You can have the most amazing eyeshadow/lashes/hair in the world, but if your skin isn’t looking too great, it can take away from the overall effect you are trying to achieve.

I am in no way any sort of skin expert. All I know is that I’ve tried a lot of products, and I know what works well for my skin. I have normal/combination skin and here are a couple of products I love to keep my skin looking good.

Scrub a dub dub 

Using some sort of exfoliant on your skin will give it a glow and help get rid of dead skin cells. It really depends on your individual skin on how much you should exfoliate and how harsh the product needs to be. Everyone is different, so it takes a bit of trial and error to see what works best for you.

I switch between a couple of exfoliating products and I make sure to exfoliate about 3 times a week.

The Mama Mio – O.Mega Body Buff is a great all around product, as you can use it for your body as well as face. The grains in this product are so fine and there are so many! It doesn’t feel like some of the cheaper scrubs that are available and have so few granules that you feel like you are simply pushing one bead around your face. Using warm water to wash my face first, I put about a 20 pence size amount on my finger tips and gently rub it into my tzone and then out to the rest of my face. It can be a bit harsh, so go careful on the scrubbing. The aim is not to rip off your skin.

It is amazing product, seriously. When I apply my moisturiser after I feel like I have new skin. It’s the same result when I use it dry on my arms and legs. It gives incredible results. I highly recommend this product as it is multi purpose. I know you can get it in most Debenhams stores and online for around £20.

I also really like the Soap & Glory Sugar Body Scrub. It has a good mix of sugar and macadamia granules, so it leaves your skin soft and not super red raw. Like all their products, it smells good enough to eat, though I wouldn’t advise it unless you’re really hungry. But even then.. just go to your fridge. Anyway, it’s a really nice product, easy to get hold of, and a great price. What’s not to love?

The most accessible store to find this is Boots and its £8.


One of the most important steps with your skin is moisturise. It may sound really obvious, but its true. A product that I love, and that i have just ran out of today actually, is ‘Day Solution – hydrating balancing day cream‘ by Green People. This organic moisturiser smells so nice and it sinks into the skin quickly, leaving it super smooth. If I decide not to use a face primer with my foundation, I find this also works quite well too. It’s a little pricey for a student budget at £13.95 for 50ml, it doesn’t sound like a lot of product, but really a little goes a long way. It has lasted me for ages! So it’s definitely worth the money. I actually got a sample of this when I had my GlossyBox subscription, and that is how I found out about the company. As soon as I tried the sample, I knew I had to get the full size, and now it’s all gone! I will definitely be trying out some more of their products.

To conclude, it contains good stuff, smells nice and is just awesome!

Cheaper moisturisers that I enjoy are any from the Simple range, really nice products with no nasty chemicals and they are so affordable. I’ve gone through so many bottles of that stuff it’s crazy!


Top Tip: Cleanse twice.

What ever your cleanser of choice is, use it twice. The first time you cleanse, it will just take off the dirt, grime and nastiness from the day. The second time you cleanse, the product is able to make its way into the pores and do its job.

I try to cleanse once a day. I find with my skin, if I cleanse too much my skin tends to go a bit red, so I use my Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit cleanser after removing all my makeup.


Again it may sound simple, but I have only just started to try and drink at least one glass of water a day. It makes such a difference to your skin and body. I usually just fill my body with diet lemonade and diet coke, I have a problem. But yes, drinking lots of water will improve your skin. I’ve tried to get into the habit of drinking water with my meals, if I fit it into my daily routine it won’t have to be a chore.


Having some sort of sun protection is always a bonus in any skin care. I have a bit of an obsession with sun cream and SPF, just ask my friends.

“Have you got suncream on?”

“Why haven’t you got suncream on? I don’t care if you want to tan..” etc etc

Spf can help minimise pre mature aging and is a must for we pale girls. I know some foundations contain SPF, such as Revlon Colour Stay (a fave of mine). Many moisturisers contain SPF and I will be testing some of these out in the coming months. I will say that if you are planning on having photos taken, or are going out on a night out, an spf will reflect the camera flash and make lots of skin tones appear washed out. Something to consider. I will talk more about this in an upcoming foundation blog.

Anyway I will stop chatting on now. I hope you found some of this helpful, and I have many more blogs coming your way. If you have any questions about the products I’ve talked about feel free to leave a comment below.

I hope you are all having a fantastic Easter break and are happily filling your bellies with Easter eggs! I know I am 😀

P.s I will be adding more photos to this post soon. I am not currently at home with all my beloved products!


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