Here Comes the Summer Sun

Here Comes the Summer Sun

Now England is finally getting some sunshine, I’ve decided to do write about how I’ve changed my makeup routine to match this glorious weather! Now I’ve finished University I plan to be spending lots of time outside in the sun, and not stuck to my desk writing essays.

I really try not to overload my face with makeup when its sunny, it just looks a bit silly. The natural look is always the best, and is also better for your skin.


I start with my Green People Moisturiser which has an SPF of 15. Very important for my ghostly complection. Then I apply my primer, I switch between 2:

Korres Face Primer – A great primer with vitamin E and also silicone free. This is my second tube of this primer, I really do love it. But it is difficult to get hold of. When ever I go to America I always pick up another at Sephora. This helps foundation (mineral or liquid) glide on seamlessly.

MeMeMe Cosmetics Seventh Heaven – I got this little sample when I had my GlossyBox subscription and it has lasted me a lifetime. I works amazingly well and smells gorgeous. I will be buying the full size when I run out.

I apply either, depending on my mood. I think they work practically the same, both are lovely. MeMeMe is a lot easier to find here in the UK, check out your local Superdrug or


I find that during summer, liquid foundations just seem to melt of my face. Literally. Even with a primer I find they just don’t hold up very well. If you have any suggestions for liquid foundations that can stand the heat, please let me know in the comments below! Because of this problem I decided to purchase a BareMinerals foundation. I have always been skeptical of mineral/powder foundations. I don’t really know why, I just got the impression that they wouldn’t hold up as well as a liquid. Boy was I wrong ! I love how this foundation looks on my skin. You can apply as little, or as much as you like. I have normal/combination skin and it covers any redness and evens out my skin effortlessly. You can even use it as a concealer for under the eyes or small blemishes. It also has an SPF in it, which is the icing on the cake really.

So using my MakeupGeek foundation brush, I use the famous ‘swirl, tap, buff’ method. I didn’t purchase a BareMinerals brush, I found them to be really expensive and not worth the cost for me, as I have a full Sigma Brush Kit and loads more. I really dont need more brushes!!! I find my own brush works just as well. I set this with Mac Fix+. I must add that Fix+ isn’t designed to make your makeup stay put all day, for that you need a specific setting spray. Fix+ is create for foiling eyeshadows or for stopping foundation looking cakey. I think it makes the powder look like it has melted into my skin.

(Sorry the lid looks kinda dirty. I didn’t take a photo before I started using it. Big break of a beauty blog rule right there 😛 )

With my BareMinerals and Mac combo I can walk to work in the blazing sun, work in a hot restaurant all day, walk home, and it looks more or less the same as when I applied it in the morning. AMAZING !

A bit of eyeliner, bronzer, waterproof mascara and lipbalm, you’re good to go off and enjoy the sun! My fave pencil eyeliner is the Sephora waterproof eyeliner, and I do love my RevlonLip Butters. (Review coming soon of those I promise)

DON’T forget your suncream guys. Factor 50 all the way for me 😛 Go out, have some fun in the sun.

Hope xx


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