My Top Beauty Youtube Gurus

My Top Beauty Youtube Gurus

Youtube. We all know it, we all spend hours watching it. Just admit it, where would we be without it? Cat videos, autotune remixes and silly pageant princesses … hours of entertainment right there. But seriously, for those of you that aren’t aware, Youtube has an amazing beauty community. There are thousands upon thousands of people online (particularly Youtube) who give out beauty tips from the comfort of their own home.

I love this community. Most of what I have learned about makeup has come from Youtube tutorials. There are some amazing gurus out there, and some… errr… not so good. So, to try and help you wade the waters, I’ve given you a list of my favourite Youtube beauty experts. All of these people I really value their opinion and they give great advice, and what’s better it’s all free 😀

Here are my top 8 gurus in no particular order, links to their Youtube pages, and why I love them.

1. Xteeener – One of the first Gurus I subscribed to. She does tutorials, product reviews and haul videos. She has a bubbly personality and you can tell that she loves what she does. Xteeener does great, easy to follow makeup tutorials using a good mix of high and drug store brands, for those of us who don’t have a swimming pool full of cash to spend. She comes across really honest in all her videos and is definitely worth a watch!

2. MakeupByTiffanyD – I love Tiffany. Ok, it sounds like I know her, but I don’t lol. But watching her videos, you feel like you get to know her (and her cute dog Waylon, who is always roaming around in the background). She gives her honest opinion about products and doesn’t force them on her viewers. She does plenty of makeup tutorials to suit everyone and also has a couple of DIY videos on her other channel 🙂 See Youtube just has everything!

3. Xsparkage – Bright, colourful, quirky. 3 perfect words to describe Leesha aka Xsparkage. Amazing tutorials, including themed looks eg. The Hunger Games districts (defo worth a look) and plenty of haul videos to inspire you for the next time you go beauty buying!

4. GossMakeupArtist – A UK guru who is a guy. There aren’t many male makeup artists on Youtube that I have come across, but he is by far the best! It’s also a bonus that he is in the Uk, so lots of the products he uses are easy for us to get our hands on. He is a working makeup artist and give expert advice.

5. ItsJudyTime – Judy is another guru I’ve been watching for quite a while, my younger sister recommended her. She posts a wide variety of tutorials for makeup, skin care and hair. She is really talented and seems like such a genuine person. Also check out her daily vlog channel, where you can watch her day to day life with her husband Benji. They are so cute together!

6. MakeupGeek – Marlena is one of the only gurus that I know of who has a full time business. She posts all different types of videos to do with cosmetics and staying heathly. She is another professional makeup artist and has just finished a course in Paris with MakeUpForever, so you know she has amazing tips to give. Her online store is really worth a look. I use the MakeupGeek foundation brush every day! She has also just launched her own line of makeup that I am really excited to try. Go have a look !

7. Bubzbeauty – Another all rounder, with great hair and makeup tutorials. Bubz is just adorable! She again uses a nice mix of high and low priced cosmetics and just seems like such a sweet girl. Also look out for her dog Chubbi!

8. LivieSays – My house mate actually knosw Livi and pointed me in the right direction to her videos as she knows how obsessed with makeup I am. I’m so pleased she did, so thanks Lizzie. Livi is a guru based in the UK and is just hilarious. We all understand that no one likes “cakey face” ! Anyway, she posts regular tutorials and inspired looks from my favourite tv shows like The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars, you can’t really go wrong !

So I hope you find that helpful. There are so many beauty people on Youtube and these are just a couple of my favourites. Who do you like ? Anyone you want to recommend to me ? Let me know in the comments below.

Hope x


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