Aussie cosmetics, an arm and a leg !

Aussie cosmetics, an arm and a leg !

Hey everyone !!

Sorry for my lack of posts, but I relocated to Australia last week. Yep I’ve moved downunder for 6 months… maybe a year, it all depends 😀

Anyway , I will do a post on everything that I have brought with me soon (once I can lay everything out in an orderly fashion). Living out of a suitcase isn’t ideal for blogging. Anyway, I just wanted to give you my first impressions of cosmetics and outlets here in Sydney, Australia.

First of all, Sydney is EXPENSIVE !! It is a lovely city, even in winter the sun is shining, but everything seems to come at a premium! I have been into a few different places that sell cosmetics, I can’t help myself I have to go. The main 3 places I have been are the supermarket, Myer department store and Priceline.

I think we are very lucky in the Uk with the access we have to all of our products. Here is Australia they do have a really good mix of brands but some are in strange places. Revlon nail colours for instance are sold in department stores. I havent had the chance to explore them in other locations, but that seems a little crazy to me. It’s just Revlon!!! Another aspect I’ve found about Revlon is that one of my favourite foundations , Revlon Colourstay, is $34.95 at Price line !! I know there is the exchange rate to consider, which is rubbish at the moment fyi, but that seems crazy to me!! Do you agree ?? Would you pay that much for a drug store product?  Changed into pounds that is £23.05 for Revlon….. REVLON !!!! In the Uk I’m pretty sure you can buy a Mac foundation for that !!!

Ok little rant over.

Moving on…. Here is Sydney it seems like they have all the major brands and some added American extras such as Covergirl and Almay. Both of these are great for me and I am looking forward to trying their products… Once I have a job…. and a lot of money !!!

I haven’t had a chance to take some sneaky photos, but once I get down to Melbourne this week I will do my best to snap some! I’m super glad I packed so many cosmetics with me. I would have brought everything if I knew prices were this high !

This hasn’t been the most positive post has it, sorry lol. Maybe Australia will stop my cosmetic buying addiction !

Have you been to Australia or do you live here? Any advice on good places to buy beauty supplies? Please leave your notes in the comments below!

Much love from way down under ,

Hope x


2 thoughts on “Aussie cosmetics, an arm and a leg !

  1. Many a an Aussie girl complains about the cost of cosmetics here in Australia even the price of drugstore brands. That’s why many of us buy online. Especially things that are not readily available in Australia. One thing you will find is that if you shop in the city centre you will pay more than what you would in the suburbs but you are not going to find a huge difference in price just slightly cheaper.
    If you are looking for a reliable online cosmetic company here in Australia, try Crush Cosmetics. Not really cheap but does have overseas brands that are not available in the shops.

  2. Thanks for the tips !
    I’m moving out to a suburb so hopefully I will be able to find some things slightly cheaper. But yes, shopping online looks like its going to be the way forward for me 😀

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