Melbourne Fashion Week

Melbourne Fashion Week

I ventured out on Monday into Melbourne CBD to check out the Melbourne Fashion Week City Square tent. Filled with freebies and runway shows, Melbourne’s most stylish were out in full force.

The weather in Melbourne at the moment is so gorgeous, unexpected by those who run the tent, as I was told they had installed heating systems in case the models got cold! It was 23 degrees outside!

On offer all week in City Square are free nail, eyelash, hair and lip bars. I jumped at the chance to pick up some tips and some free stuff… who doesn’t love free stuff right?!

First stop: Nails by Kit.

As far as I know, they are the first company in Australia to do the nail sticker art. I chose a floral design, and the girl who put them on is one of the actual image designers. On one hand, this was cool, but on the other, she wasn’t that great at putting them on. They lasted all day but by the time I got in the shower, half of them had fallen on. I now (one day later) have one bare hand and only 4 remaining on the right. I can’t tell whether this is down to the quality of the stickers or the application. I guess I’ll have to try them again to give a full review of them. My friend Danielle had a bright leopard print pattern on her nails which looked super cute, but hers have also fallen off. 

Moving on from nails, I moved onto the Mecca Cosmetics Lip Bar, where the makeup artist chose a colour, from either the Kit or Smashbox ranges. She chose a Kit Lipstick for me, a bright fuschia which I think she said was called ‘Head Turner’. The lipstick has a matte finish and was not drying at all which was a nice change. It lasted at least 5 hours without reapplying. You must excuse the massive eye bags in the photo ! Sleepy times!

Next stop: Hair.  Kevin Murphy Style Bar

Now the 2 hair dressers that were working in the tent were curling the majority of people’s hair. I have incredibly long hair so decided that I didn’t want that. It literally takes hours to curl all my hair properly. Even though they were working really fast, I just thought I would be there forever. So I decided to just add a pop of colour to my ends. They were using a Kevin Murphy Colour Bug, which is a little ball and brush that contains coloured powder. This in theory is a really great product. Its a wash in wash out powder that comes in Pink, Purple or Orange and is great if you fancy changing up your look for one night. The only problem is that the powder goes everywhere! Luckily i was wearing dark clothing so it wasn’t noticeable that the colour was transferring to my clothes. If i was to use this again I would put a product through the ends of my hair first, and then the colour. I think it would stick a lot better.  But here is the finished look, I really like it.

I’ve wanted to put a different colour in my ends for quite a while and this has given me motivation to get it done. Here is my inspiration, Kate Beckinsale, I think she is just stunning!

The final step of my Fashion Week make over is eyelashes. Mecca were giving away pairs of Japonesque eyelashes and applying them. I had a sneaky look and noticed that they were of course using Duo Lash Adhesive instead of the glue that comes with the lashes. Not that I know what the Japonesque glue is like, but all beauty addicts know that Duo is the best. I wanted to get some lashes that were full looking, but didn’t look like I was wearing falsies.

I love these lashes! They weren’t heavy and they look so natural, I defo will be buying more of these. You can see a bit of the purple dye on my forehead. Fail by the hairdresser.

I caught some of the David Jones runway show too. The theme was the races, so lots and lots of hats! Shame none of those were free !

That’s it really for my little experience at day one of fashion week. I might head out again this week, ah the joys of quitting my job 😛 More freebies and runways to be seen!

Ciao darlings xx


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