Lush Face Masks

Lush Face Masks

Over the past couple of weeks, my housemates and I have gone a little face mask crazy. Literally every other night we will sit and watch a movie with a facemask on. We have been working our way through the Lush fresh face masks and here are my thoughts and feelings about them.


These a the four I have tried so far. I shall go through each of them individually and then say which ones I think are worth the money 😀

Each face mask is meant to be kept in the fridge because they are made with fresh ingredients. Plus when you put the one the cold is really soothing! Over here in Australia, each face mask is $15.95 and in the UK they are £5.95. (See look at the price difference for cosmetics, tut tut). Either way, you get quite a lot of product and you have multiple uses out of these, as long as they are within the use by date which is on the side of the pot.


 (Major lolage)
As the name suggests, this smells divine! Made with cocoa butter, linseed and cocoa powder, this mask says that it cleans and soothes the skin. My skin did feel really smooth after using this mask. I didn’t notice a considerable difference with my skin, but this is a fun one to put on with girl friends at a movie night. Not much else to say about this one, but it is one of my favourites, mainly because it smells so yummy!


This mask is great for exfoliating and ‘gives normal to oily skin a softened, smoothed and radient glow’. This is true and I love this mask. This is one of the best exfoliators I have ever used. I leave it on for longer about 25 minutes, even though it says 5-10 minutes. Mainly because I tend to layer it on and I like to feel that it is completely dry before I start scrubbing away. The is nice and this one really does work ! Put on a good moisturiser afterwards and your skin will love you for it!

Always a group activity


I have to be honest, I really really didn’t like this one. I managed to keep it on my face for around 5 minutes and that was a push. Made from garlic and tea tree, the smell was too off putting. Really, I love to eat garlic but no way do I want it on my face. It also contains honey and free egg, which freaks me out. There are too many ingredients that sound great on their own, but together no no no !

If you think you are man enough, give it a go. It has properties that would be great for your skin, but I just couldn’t hack it.


This mask is made from Wheatgrass and ginseng, has a light scent and is supposed to revive your complexion. I’ve just put this one on now as I type, so hopefully bits of green won’t drop on my keyboard. Its very soothing and considering I have been battling a cold this week, my skin really needs a pick me up. Once it’s completely dry, it is quite exfoliating too because of its clay texture. Overall this is another good one to try.

So my overall recommendation is LOVE LETTUCE. It smells nice and it really works. If you have the extra cash, you should also give CUPCAKE a whirl because it smells so yummy 😀

If you go into a Lush store, they have lovely people in there who know all about these masks and can help you choose the right one for your skin type. They don’t work on commission, so they aren’t pushy sales people, they are genuinely there to help.

I’ve got some more Lush reviews coming up as I got a lovely gift set from my friends for my birthday. Gosh 23 sounds so old to me lol.

I hope this was helpful for you guys. Have you tried any Lush face masks? What did you think? Leave me a comment below.

Hope xx


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