Makeup Counter Meltdown

Makeup Counter Meltdown

After work on Saturday I decided to have a wander around Melbourne and of course I ended up in the Myer Department Store Beauty floor. Oooops.

My makeup had been on from 8am and I got into Myer at 5pm. So it goes without saying that I wasn’t looking my best. Even my BareMinerals was starting to melt off my face. This very rarely happens! I am nearly out of my Korres primer and my BareMinerals foundation so I am on the look out for something new. I am very tempted to stick with my BM but I always like to try new things.

I headed over to the Laura Mercier counter, I have never tried any of their products but have heard so many great things! The girl at the counter was so nice, not pushy at all and didn’t have most of the counter tanked on her face. I look at some of the girls who work on counters and just think, you are meant to be selling the product and I DON’T want to look like you. You don’t need half the store on your face to show the products off! Anyway, the Laura Mercier girl was so nice, and had the most incredible skin ever. I was looking at their mineral primer and foundation. I tried on their foundation over the top of the BM that I already had on, and it looked SO GOOD! Because I am stupid, I forgot to take a photo of my skin (blogger fail) but take my word for it! It felt so smooth on my skin and didn’t look cakey, even after going over the other foundation on my face.

Here in Australia, like Illamasqa, they have done a price drop on their products. YAY! This is such good news because prices are so inflated over here ! But, it still is really expensive. For the same amount of products as BareMinerals, the LM foundation is $59 AUD! Which, even after the price drop, is sooo much money. I am going to Hawaii and LA on my way back from Oz, so I think I will go into Sephora and buy it in America. Everything is so much cheaper over there! Their primer that is designed for mineral makeup is $45, again too pricey, so I am still on the hunt for a new one of those.

I need to find a cheap but good foundation to last me the remainder of my time in Oz. Revlon Colour stay is $30+ which is insane! Maybe a Covergirl one… I think they are cheap. Any recommendations? Help a girl out!

I also went to Mac to have a look at their brushes and foundations. None of the foundation really stood out to me, even though the really nice guy at the counter tried to help me. He recommended a brush to me to apply their mineral foundation. The 187 duo fiber brush, this really suprised me as most people say to use a dense kabuki brush. Anyway I asked the price and he said it was $89 Aud. WHAT??!?!!!! FOR ONE BRUSH??!!!!! I was in shock. After a quick check on the MAC website, it says that is $85, which is probably down to me misunderstanding the accent. But still, that is ridiculous. People who buy that over here must have more money than sense! So yeah I had an internal mini meltdown! Buying online is defo the way forward!


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