Going out eyes and Rimmel wakes me up!

Going out eyes and Rimmel wakes me up!

This is a review of Rimmel’s Wake Me Up foundation. I bought this foundation mainly because I didn’t wanna buy BareMinerals or Revlon Colourstay over here in Australia. Both are way over priced ($34+) and I shall just repurchase both when I head to America in January. Anyway, I digress… Yes … I chose the Rimmel foundation for a couple of reasons:

1. I heard Tanya Burr or Pixi2woo talk about it. I love her and trust her opinion. Check out her lovely channel 🙂

2. It was relatively cheap. $18

3. I liked the idea of a foundation to perk up my skin. I work in an office and the lights are not flattering.

What does Rimmel claim? 

Taken from their website:

“It’s time to wake up – the light, smooth texture glides on easily to give a 100% pore-less and flawless complexion. Spoil yourself with SPF 15 sun protection and illuminating radiance pearls for a natural glow”.

“Wake Me Up works just as hard as you – staying put for up to 10 hours and giving you a natural, medium to full coverage. So even if you’ve had a few hours sleep, you can look radiant and younger”.

Let’s see if it lives up to these claims….


This product comes in a nice glass bottle. It doesn’t come with a pump which is a shame but it does have a stick inside that is attached to the lid. I think they have done this to try and put an applicator in there… I find this really annoying as when you put the lid back on, the foundation tends to spill a little down the side. I get what they were trying to do, but I think I may just try and cut this off with scissors.

I apply this to my skin with either my Sigma F60 or just my fingers.

So to confirm, it does apply nicely but the applicator thing on the bottle is terrible !!


All of the shades in this foundation range have warm undertones. I am very pale as I’m sure you know, and lots of warm toned foundations make me look orange. That is a big no no for me. I do not want to look like a bottle of Fanta. I find even the Ivory shade a little dark for me… its not too dark but I think for a shade that is meant to be Ivory, it is on the darker side of the spectrum. But to be honest, I’ve found that over here in Oz anyway. I have either gone more pale or the lightest shades of foundation in this country are darker than everywhere else. Some places don’t even sell the Ivory shades! CRAZY!

Anyway, the colour is ok. I think their idea for the ‘wake me up’ part of the foundation is to give you a nice (non orange) glow, which it does. So after that little rant, the colour is good 🙂 Be sure to blend really well around your hairline, as this colour does seem to stick there and look a little orange…


The consistency of this foundation is a little on the thick side, but it its thin enough to spread easily across your skin. The good thing is about this foundation is that it doesn’t dry too quickly. Revlon Colourstay is a foundation that you need to work quickly with, with this I don’t have that problem.


This foundation for me has a dewy finish on the skin, but it won’t leave you looking shiny. If you prefer a  matte look, apply your chosen powder.


Medium- Full coverage. I find this foundation to be really buildable. For work, I tend to put on one light layer, I don’t want to be caked in foundation and powder all day. It does however look at its best with 2 layers, I do this if I am going out to a bar or club, when I want the illusion of perfect skin.

Staying Power 

This foundation holds up pretty well. I do touch up my t zone with my Mac pressed powder around lunchtime and then I’m fine for the rest of the day. It holds up well when it’s warm too which impressed me. You will need to set this foundation with a powder though, just so we are clear. I think without, it would fade and by the end of the day you wouldn’t have much left on.

Overall I think this is a pretty good foundation for the price. I do prefer other drugstore foundations but for the price, you can’t really complain. This foundation will give you a nice healthy glow due to the warm undertones, perfect if it is late spring/summer where you are (like here in Oz). Or if it’s winter, this might be a nice pick me up to beat the winter blues. It has SPF 15 in it, great for us pale folk. But as I have mentioned in previous posts, foundations with SPF don’t look the best in photos because the light bounces back off the skin and can create a white cast. But if you are already pale like me, you won’t look any different 🙂

Colour 3 /5

Consistency 3/5

Finish 4/5

Coverage 4/5

Staying Power 3/5

Overall I give it a 3.5/5 😀


As a little bonus to this review, I’ve decided to show you how I wore this foundation out on a Friday night. After a night at a bar and then a bit of dancing this is what my makeup looked like. I didn’t touch up my powder once when I was out, so this is what my foundation looked like afterwards.

Before I went out, courtesy of Photobooth
After 6-7 hours of wear, with dancing. Flash is on

Face Products 

Simple Moisturiser

Korres Primer

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

Mac Pressed Powder

Mac Fix+

HD Brows Palette

E.L.F Blush and Bronzer Duo

Black and Gold

Eye Products 

E.L.F Eyeshadow Primer

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk

Urban Decay Naked Palette

BH Cosmetics 120 Pro Palette

Blink&Go Mascara

Maybelline Gel Eyeliner – black.

Rimmel Kohl Pencil – Black

I hope you guys enjoyed this review and I am already testing out some new products so stay tuned this week 🙂



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