Operation No Buy

Operation No Buy

Like every self respecting cosmetics junkie, I have beauty products everywhere. Hand bag, coat pocket, desk, floor… (never), but you get the picture.

When I moved house in March, I realised how many products I actually own. Mainly because I had to box them, carry them, un-box them and then organise. Makeup is heavy !!!

7 foundations … really… I have one face… why do I need 7 ?

Well, I do have uses for all of them. Depending on what kind of skin day I’m having, the weather, the look I’m going for. So yes, it is excessive, but my warped brain needs them 😛

However, the past couple of months I have been on ‘Operation No Buy’. The explanation is really in the title. It’s been painful but so helpful at the same time. I’ve been on a cosmetics detox and I have not been allowed to buy any new products, unless I have run out of one. It has been harder than I thought it would be. Even going into Boots and Superdrug is really difficult for me. Swatching products on my hand, loving them and not buying them is so hard. But I have realised that I have way too much stuff. Once I get through products, I will do a products I’ve used up post so you can see 😀

I did lapse last week. I was having a bad day and I ended up in TKMAXX, you can find some great beauty products in there for a really good discount. My lapse was the Macadamia Natural Oil travel set. I’ve been wanting to try this brand for quite a while after hearing many beauty gurus on YouTube talk about it. I will let you know my thought on them when I’ve fully tested them 😀

But apart from that, I’ve been very good! I’m so impressed with myself! Are cosmetics taking over your bathroom? Is your handbag filled with 10 different lip products of the same colour? If yes, I suggest you join me on Operation No Buy !

Hope xx

Hair of the day


3 thoughts on “Operation No Buy

  1. Gorgeous hair! I stopped buying makeup for a couple of months a while back and after getting over the initial makeup withdrawal, it actually made me feel a lot better about myself and my spending habits. I never realized how much money I spend on beauty products until then. Awesome challenge idea!

  2. Your hair is lovely. I tend to not go into stores at all or avoid non-essential sections if I know I can’t afford any thing! It just makes it easier. Good luck on continuing your no spending ban!

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