Passport to Paris

Passport to Paris

I’m currently packing for a little holiday to Paris. Most girls find it difficult to work out what to wear… Luckily my friend Maria helped me in that department! Capsule wardrobe is a go ! She is like my live in stylist!  But the thing I find hardest is what make up do I pack ? I have so much and picking things out is so hard! What foundation shall I take? Will I even need foundation ?! What eyeshadow, eye liner, how much makeup am I actually going to wear?

As I’m visiting a friend in Paris, I do plan to wear makeup. The women there look so chic! Not that I have ever been to Paris.. I’m SO EXCITED!

I am not flying with a budget airline for once… yay no Ryan Air, and I am checking in luggage. So…. what do I take ????

As I am literally in the middle of packing, I shall upload some photos of what is in my makeup bag for a mini break 😀 Hope you enjoy !


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