Products I’ve used up

Products I’ve used up

As you know, I’ve been trying to limit my beauty product buying. It’s been so difficult, but now I am going back to university, I really can’t afford to keep buying products that I don’t really need. I did splurge a bit when I went to Paris recently, blog post about what I bought coming soon. I’m just testing out the products at the moment 😛

Anyway, here are some products that I have used up recently. I have gone through a few more, but trying to remember to keep the bottles has been a bit of a challenge.


Firstly, the Body Shop Shower Gel in Papaya … OMG this smells incredible. The next time you are walking past the store, go in and grab some. It is delicious ! Basically, my aim in life is to smell like fruit and this is A-MAZING ! It is kind of expensive… but I got this when they had a sale on, so look for the offers. I think I will get another bottle of this, I may even try another scent. I definitely recommend this! I still have a teeny tiny bit left, I’m going to be so sad when it’s all gone!


Clearsil Blackhead Clearing Cleanser. 

This I’ve had for a while just in the back of a draw and I just wanted to get rid of it really. Doesn’t sound promising right ?! It claims to give results after just 1 day, this didn’t happen for me. It left my skin feeling dry and just felt like I was putting alcohol on my face. It didn’t work for me so I won’t be repurchasing this.


St Ives Face Scrub 

I swear most girls have this in their bathroom. I got this small sample in a magazine and it lasted for such a long time. The beads really help lift dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling smooth and refreshed. It’s super cheap as well! So if you’re having problems with dry skin, I say try this!


Skin79 VIP Gold Collection BB Cream 

This is the best BB cream I have ever tried. I bought it while I was living in Australia and I’m so sad that it’s come to the end! It is very moisturising and light/medium coverage. Once set with a powder, it has pretty good staying power and I think this product actually did my skin some good! Since I’ve stopped using it and have gone back to foundation, I have been breaking out so much more. Coincidence? Mmmm. Well, once I am through with all the foundations I’ve got in my cupboard, I’m jumping online and buying this again!


Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer 

One of my all time favourite concealers. It has great coverage and doesn’t sit in any fine lines around the eyes. The one down side for me is the applicator, it doesn’t seem very hygienic to me. It’s not my no.1 concealer, that would be my Collection 2000 concealer, but it still is a great product.  If they changed the packaging I would repurchase in a heart beat!


Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara 

I love trying new mascaras and a friend bought me this one to try. I do like it for an every day mascara, it does give great length to lashes. I think I prefer mascaras that give me more volume, my lashes are already quite long. But it was nice to try something different but I wont be rebuying,


E.L.F Eye Lid Primer

This stuff is a bargain !!!! I think I got this for £1 !!! Compared to most eyeshadow primers, this has to be a tenth of the price. It has great staying power under most of my eyeshadows, I’d say at least 5 – 6 hour wear. So if you can’t afford to splurge on the Urban Decay Primer Potion, or the Two Faced Shadow Insurance (the beauty community favourites) give this a go, you will be pleasantly surprised! I’ve gone through around 3 of these so far!

Got2B Collagen Hair Spray

One of my all time favourite hair sprays. This still smells soooo good. Its like a hair perfume and hair spray rolled into one. It has great staying power, but does leave your hair a little crispy. If that doesn’t bother you and you want to get your curls to hold all night long, this is the product for you!


So that is it! I’m sure I’ve worked my way through way more products than this, but these all the only ones I have put aside so far!

Coming up is a post about what I took to Paris and what beauty products I bought there. I also have a Liz Earle review coming up!

I hope you are all doing amazing and leave a comment below if you have any beauty recommendations for me!



One thought on “Products I’ve used up

  1. I use bare minerals eyeshadow primer gives a fresh well slept look make eyeshadow stay put even in phila heat makes my eyes pop no matter what eyeshadow I use didn’t like urban decay to glue like I’m super pale just got urban decay naked 3 but wasn’t worth the money I use maybaline urban basics that works great with my pale skin and blue with gold inside eyes I’m blonde super pale I’ve tried a lot of make up what eyeshadow pallets do you recommend it seems like everybody is trying to go orange or tan with foundation’s I keep my porcelain but do have dark circles any must haves for round face super pale skin with blonde hair for day and night that worth buyimg

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