Hello beauties of the inter-web

Hello beauties of the inter-web

I haven’t sat down to write anything in such a long time. I know I’ve been away for a while, I just checked and I can’t believe my last post was exactly two years ago today! That’s kinda strange right? *Insert XFiles music* I can’t believe how fast time has flown by! It feels very odd to sit here and write. I’m on the sofa, eating a bowl of pasta and watching Extreme Couponing…. Yes, this is how I choose to spend a very rainy August Bank Holiday Monday in Birmingham. But here I go I guess!

So what have I been doing? Two years is such a long time and I’m sure you all don’t want a life update, but if you’re curious about what I’ve been up to, check out my instagram, that’s a pretty good indication of what I’ve been doing with myself. Food, travel, friends and more food! I guess the main thing that took over my life for the past two years was the Graduate Diploma in Law, and when I say it took up all my free time, I really mean it. I dedicated every weekend to studying, which I did love but it meant that a lot of other things had to go on the back-burner. It took all my time and energy so there was no way I would have time to blog. I passed the GDL last month and I could not be happier or more relieved, it was the hardest thing I have ever done! To any law students out there reading this, I salute you!

I now have so much time on my hands now, FREEEEEDOM!!! I thought I would love all this extra free time, but to be honest it’s a little boring. It makes me miss all the law … just kidding! I love studying but the GDL took over my entire life! I have had some time to breathe and relax but now I need to focus my mind on something else and you guys know I love talking cosmetics. I’m pretty sure I’m boring all my friends to death with my makeup talk, so I can talk to you, if any of you are still out there that is! The spurt of blogging inspiration actually came from my friend Meg, she started a blog slutdropsandsmeartests (best name ever right?!) a few months ago and it made me really miss just sitting down and talking to you all! So here I am, officially back in the game!

Two years means a lot of changes in my makeup/skin care preferences! So much has changed and I’m excited to rant and rave about the new things I’ve been loving!

Hello again to old friends and hi to new ones! I’m excited to get back on the beauty blogging train!

Update: So as you may notice I have had quite a drastic theme change. My lovely friend ghxstdesigns has designed my theme. If you need any help with your blog layout, please contact her via Instagram!


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