Skin Nightmare

Skin Nightmare

One of the main reasons that I decided to get back to blogging was something that happened last month when I decided to try out a new skincare regime. You know when you’re walking through a department store and one of the ladies with far too much make-up on her face grabs you and starts to tell you about a product that you just have to try? Yeah, that happened.

The Murad counter is new to the Birmingham Bull Ring Debenhams and I had tired a sample size of one of their cleansers before… I think I got it in a Glossy Box eons ago! Anyway, they had this new gadget that ‘scans’ your skin to see what you need. I thought, you know what, why not? I was running out of one of my cleansers anyway and I am always up for trying out new products. So after a mini consultation, the lady recommended a trial set for blemishes, so I picked that up as I had a gift card anyway.

For the first couple of days, the stuff was amazing. I used the cleanser once a day, every other day, and thought it was a miracle product. I have combo-oily skin with a few minor breakouts, but nothing ever that major. The couple of spots I had, vanished almost immediately and I was amazed. So on one Wednesday evening before bed, I washed my face and tried my new cleaser once again, only this time it didn’t end too well! My skin started to tingle… and then burn! It came on so fast and I immediately starting washing my face off with cold water. I knew something wasn’t right and by the time I’d got all of it off my face looked sunburnt! It was so red, sore and felt like sandpaper! I was so confused, I couldn’t work out what had gone wrong! I do have some pictures, but they are far too embarrassing to show you! Just imagine a sunburnt ghost!

I was supposed to get a free facial from Murad the following week but when the lady called to confirm I told her of the issues I had and that I didn’t want to put more products on my skin.  A few days after the reaction, I was close to the counter on my way home from work so decided to go in and get some advice on what to do as my skin was still very sore. The lady I spoke to was the same lady who had served me on the previously. She seemed surprised herself at what she had sold me… comforting…. I felt like she didn’t know how to help/advise me and just told me to go to the chemist. I left the counter with little to no advice and very underwhelmed by the service, especially from such an established brand. So I went to The Body Shop and Lush to try and get some products to soothe my burnt skin.

I wrote my issues on Twitter and was immediately contacted by Murad as they wanted to know about what had happened. I have to say, their customer service online has been fantastic and so much better than the help I received at their counter. Shout out to Sophie at Murad Customer Services because she has been so helpful! I filled out a reaction form and explained all the issues that I had come across. Their customer service therapist has said that the ingredients (salicylic acid mainly) in the cleanser was too harsh for my skin, hence the burning. I think it would be ok to use maybe once every 10 days if you have sensitive skin because it really does clear up your skin! I was just obviously given no information about it! 

Anyway, cutting this long story short, the fab Murad customer service team wanted to apologise for the service I had received and sent me some new products that really should have been sold to me in the first place.


I will do a full review of my new products in a few weeks when I have really had the chance to test them!


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