Why I cancelled my Birchbox

Why I cancelled my Birchbox


This is a very belated post, I started writing it but never got around to finishing it. I guess because of my overall disappointment. Sorry!

January Birchbox 2016

This box was in conjunction with Pinterest, hence the very cute box.


Now this review may seem a little negative and leads on to why I decided to cancel this subscription service.

What else did I get?

Benefit Lash Primer – I have tried this once or twice and to be honest I really don’t understand the point of it. It did nothing for my lashes, no extra volume, no additional length…. nada!

Parlour Shampoo and Conditioner – I haven’t used these yet but I like to keep these minis on hand for when I travel.

Jelly Pong Pong Eye Liner – This eyeliner is nude and is for your water line. This brightens your eyes and makes you not look so tired (always handy). This doesnt seem to last very long on me but I think this would vary person to person, depending on how watery your eyes are I guess.

Absolution – I believe this is another heatprotectant/detangler and I have not used this. This seems to be a running theme with Birchbox… I now have so many of these kinds of products that I haven’t even looked at this one properly.

Whish Body Butter – I tried this when I first opened it, again it is ok, it’s not something I would purchase full size.

A Compact Mirror – Ok thanks…

There were some very cute cards in this box which I really need to put up somwhere. imag0749.jpg


So as you can tell, I was a little underwhelmed with this box. At first I was dazzled by the very cute packaging, but when I looked more closely, this really didn’t feel value for money. Once you get through your introductory offer, the box is £12.95. Many of the products seem to be of a similar theme, which is ok to begin with but after a few months you end up with loads of shower gel/hair detangler/heat protect spray…. I decided that this just wasn’t what I wanted. As much as I love the excitement of a little gift for myself each month, the cost just doesn’t match what I was receiving.

Whilst I have been researching, I have found a site called latestinbeauty where it seems you can pick your products each month, which is a very intriguing idea! Build Your Own Box sounds like a great way to try products you actually want to try, rather than getting a random selection.

What have your experiences been with Subscription boxes? Let me know if there are any others that you recommend!


Hope x




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