Hair Rehab London Extensions

Hair Rehab London Extensions

I held off writing this review last year because I felt like it would come across like I was bashing this company/salon. This is not the case, but I do want to write a review for some hair extensions I tried that just didn’t work for me.  In the interest of full disclosure, I entered an Instagram contest with my then salon, Bad Apple, to win a hair cut and hair extensions for their relaunch event for free. I was lucky enough to win, eeeek, I never win anything! I was so excited because my hair at the time was relatively short and I thought this would be a fun way to change things up.


I’d never really considered getting extensions before and just entered the competition on a whim, but here we go….

Appointment 1 (Thursday)

My first appointment was arranged to get colour matched for the extensions but as my hair is warm toned and the extensions are cool, they decided that they wanted to dye my hair darker to match. I was fine with this, had a patch test and was to come back the following day to get my hair dyed.

Appointment 2 (Friday)

Friday was the day I was to get my hair dyed to match my new hair. Well, I say dye, it was a gloss to slightly adjust the shade. I sat with the gloss on my hair for about 25-30 minutes and as the colour was processing I was getting a little worried because it was left on longer than I was initially told…  But obviously, hairdressers know way more about this than I do. I got the dye washed out and had quite a lot still stuck on my skin around my hair line that I knew I could get off with a little oil based makeup remover, but to be honest it would have been nice for someone to get this off for me so I didn’t have to walk home with it on… oh well! Anyway, as my hair was being dyed I noticed how dark it was, even in the salon lights it looked black, but I was reassured that this would lighten up (which it has).

Before (warmed toned and in my pjs)
After (cool toned and darker)













Appointment 3 (Monday)

This is the day I actually got the extensions put in my hair. They used 20inch  I-Tip style extensions which are heatless and get clamped onto a small section of your own hair with a tool that looks a bit like pliers.It took about four and a half hours for 150 pieces! It really does take a long time to get these clamped into the hair, so if you are thinking of getting this style of extensions, you need to take that into account. About half way through, my stylist realised that I needed more hair… obviously he had started at the bottom and worked about so I wasn’t going to end up with lopsided hair, but it was going to look very flat. I didn’t know before but apparently I have very thick hair and I have never been told that so much before at once. imag1205.jpgI don’t know if the stylists were just nervous or worried, but they kept repeatedly telling me my hair was so thick which didn’t make me feel too great. After the long process was over it was decided that I would sleep on the hair and get them cut in the day after which I was happy about because it had been a very long day.

Sleeping on new extensions hurts and I’m not being over dramatic. Especially with I-tips where they are made of plastic, they tend to stick into your scalp for the first three days which can be quite uncomfortable. This is normal and I had read up on them before I got them put it. The pain does subside, I promise. I was excited to get them cut down because they felt very long and heavy.

Appointment 4 (Tuesday – The Event)

This was the day of the salon launch and I arrived at the salon at 10.30am to get the extensions cut. They cut and styled my hair and it did look a lot better, but I still felt like there was just not enough hair. Lauren Pope (owner of the extension company) was at the event and she also said that there needed to be more hair. She was nice, but quite quiet and didn’t really interact with the hair stylists. After a few photos I was told I could go and that they would order some more ‘bonds’ for my hair.


Appointment 5???

3 weeks of waiting and still no hair. I decided that I just wanted them taken out as my hair was getting thinner and thinner by the day. The salon were very apologetic and I set up an appointment on a Saturday afternoon so they could take them out. It took about an hour and then they washed and dried it for me. I also asked them to check that my hair was straight as my hair was cut when the extensions were put in. I’d like to reiterate that I don’t think it was the salon’s fault, I just think that the extension bonds themselves don’t really have enough hair in them. They kept falling out and even though the way the hair is clipped in is supposed to limit damage, I think it doesn’t keep them in place. I don’t think I would go for extensions again, especially not a type like this. The experience was interesting and I feel like I have a greater understanding of them now, but no, definitely not for me.

Hope x


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