E-Salon Glass Act Shine Glaze

E-Salon Glass Act Shine Glaze

Hair glaze… who ever heard of a hair glaze?

My current hair situation is medium brown roots and a blonde balayage and as everyone knows  that (a) going from brunette to blonde is tricky and (b) maintaining it can be a bitch. When I heard about a hair glaze treatment I thought I just had to try it.

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Hair To Dye For

Hair To Dye For

So today I had this really strange need to dye my hair. I have no idea why! I’ve been thinking about it all day, its so bizarre. Luckily I bought a box of hair dye a while ago when I saw it on offer in Super Drug.

Here is me and my hair before I applied the dye. Excuse my appearance, I had just got back from work. I’ve literally just pulled my hair out of a hair tie and quickly brushed it. Hopefully you can see the colour ok. My hair is a strange mix of medium and dark brown with hints of red.

John Frieda Foam Colour – This is usually really expensive for a box dye. RRP £9.99, which i think is quite steep. But I randonmly found it half price and I can’t resist a beauty bargain! I got the colour 5N Medium Natural Brown. I do have to admit I do have a couple (A COUPLE I SAY) of grey hairs at the ripe old age of 22…. Yep awesome right?! So this should hopefully cover them and also make my hair a little bit darker.

The product is on my head as I type, so I am really writing my experience as I go.

Firstly, I must say the gloves that come with this product are the best I’ve ever seen for hair dye. I’ve used quite a few brands of semi and permanent hair dye and these gloves feel like progressional quality! It sounds so silly, but it really is important!

The colour is a foam and so its really easy to use. You just pour the colourant in, rotate the bottle 5 times and you are good to go!

The smell is ok, its not as nice as the Loreal Casting Creme Gloss which smells soooo good, but it’s not overly disturbing. Obviously open a window when you are applying any sort of hair dye. I don’t want you passing out ! (If you are looking for a great semi permanent hair dye, I would definitely get Casting Creme, it’s awesome).

The foam doesn’t lather up like it does in the photos. I guess that’s just for the demo, so don’t be too suprised if that doesnt happen. But still its really easy to apply and doesn’t drip over the entire bathroom. You also get quite a lot of dye. I have really long hair and there was more than enough for me. If you have short hair I would feel like you would be wasting quite a lot of the product, as you can’t keep it and reuse it.

It took me about 15/20 minutes to use all the foam. I like to take my time when applying it so I get an even coverage.

So now I’m just waiting 25 minutes for this to develop … Photobooth ? OK!

Looking good right !

I’ve now completely washed out the dye after 20 minutes. I was going to leave it in for 25 but my scalp started to tingle so I thought that was a sign to wash it out!

The deep conditioner that comes with it smells amazing! This step I will leave in for 5 minutes. Now my hair is dry I can tell the conditioner has done a great job. My hair is so shiny and soft. Also there is plenty left to be used once a week for a special treat.

So I shall post a picture of the finished colour tomorrow when I have natural light. Then I shall be able to give my full rating, but as of now, I LOVE this stuff! It’s so simple, quick to use and makes my hair feel gorgeous.


I bet the suspense is killing you already!


I’m back.


It’s now the day after I tried the John Frieda Colour Foam and I am really happy with this product. The colour is really nice, darker than the shade on the box, but I always expect that. I would say £10 still is a bit expensive for an at home colour, but it’s easy to see where the extra pennies go! The overall quality of this really good and I think I will be repurchasing it. I give this product 9/10 for ease of use and colour pay off. It looses one mark for being twice the price of other hair colourants. But in my opinion, it is worth the splurge!