Updated: What’s In My Bag – Travel Edition

Updated: What’s In My Bag – Travel Edition

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and I’m annoyed at myself for that… I must try and update this more! I stated this blog at the start of the year and never got around to finishing it….. bad bad bad Hope! Anywyay… here we go!

I love to travel and this year I’ve been travelling a lot! I haven’t checked luggage on a flight for a number of years so my packing skills have improved and I only tend to take things that I love and need. No more packing 6 pairs of shoes for a 4 day trip!

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Birchbox September 2015

Birchbox September 2015

Beauty subscriptions are everywhere these days and Birchbox is one of the biggest players in America. I don’t know how I didn’t know that they now operate in the UK. I stumbled across their website and noticed they were doing an offer,September for 50% off a box, to celebrate their 5th US birthday.

I used to be a subscriber to GlossyBox, one of the first major UK beauty subscriptions and I really enjoyed receiving my boxes every month, it’s like Christmas! I stopped my subscription at Uni when I realised I was drowning in products. Subscription services are a gamble, one month you could get a load of products that just aren’t for you, but the following month you could adore everything, it really is down to personal preferences. But because of the Birchbox offer, I really couldn’t resist.

It arrived just a few days after I ordered which was very impressive. This box is specially designed for their birthday and I believe the design of the box often changes. They are very cute and a good size to use later as storage if you choose.


The products come in a little draw string bag which I thought was a really nice touch.


Here are my thoughts and feelings on the products I received this month.wpid-wp-1443174733189.jpeg

Birchbox Birchbrush

This small hairbrush is basically their version of a Tangle Teezer. These briushes are supposed to be more gentle on your hair. In my eyes, my Tangle Teezer can never be replaced, but I think I will throw this in my gym bag. It’s a nice little addition.

Beauty Protector Beauty Wash Body Cleanser

This smells lovely and it’s always handy to have mini body washes for travel. I am terrible at describing scents, it’s not overly floral, or overly sweet, it’s just a perfect feminine scent without being overly girly. The full size is £8.00 which I think is a little steep for a body wash, so I will enjoy the mini size but won’t be purchasing the full size.

 Laqa&Co Lip Pencil in Humble Brag

This was a really cute, good sized, lip pencil, similar to the Revlon Balm Stains or the Clinique Chubby Sticks. It was a little drying but that helped with the staying power. It lasted a good few hours and held up ok when I was eating and drinking which was impressive. This colour is a very bright pink which clashes a tad with my ginger hair, but when I decide to go back to brunette, I will definitely be using this.

Benefit the Professional: License to Blot 

I have only tried this once so far, but I did actually notice a difference in my shininess. I wear powder foundation and I do tend to get oily in my tzone and this did make a difference. I applied this after I cleansed and moisturised on my forehead and down my nose. It was very smooth and left a nice base for my powder foundation. I shall keep testing this over the month to see if I notice a dramatic difference.

John Masters Organics Citrus & Neroli Detangler 

I applied this detangler onto wet hair and ran my fingers through my hair to distribute it and get rid any knots in my hair. My hair isn’t overly tangley so it’s difficult to tell if this really works… The smells though is really lovely and stayed in my hair over night and until the next day, always a bonus!

Laura Mercier Face Polish 

I do love a good exfoliator, it’s important to exfoliate your skin to get rid of all the dead skin cells (ew). I tend to exfoliate once a week because I have sensitive skin. This face polish has a great consistency because it’s very grainy and you can really feel it working. The scent is pretty neutral which I like too. A little bit goes a long way so I’m hoping the mini sample size will last me a while. This was also great timing as I recently ran out of my Origins exfoliator.

Overall, I am really happy with the products I received. For £6.47, I got a lot of products that I will definitely use.  I am doing lots of travelling in October so they will definitely come in handy. I’ve seen a little preview of the October boxes which you have the option to choose between 2 boxes; one is designed by my favourite magazine Stylist and the other is by Birchbox. Click here to see a preview of what’s to come in October! I can’t wait to try some new products next month.